Teen Scheme 

Teen Scheme is a programme for teens in our group, whereby our teens mix with mainstream teenagers (Teens 4 Positive Action) once a week on a social basis.  The teens are "buddied" up, which has been very  beneficial to both groups. We organise a wide variety of activities from environmental issues to interesting outings, sports, drumming sessions etc. We are always looking for new ideas and welcome any suggestions to build on the teens experiences.  Link to Teens 4 Positive Action website www.teens4pa.org.

Due to the problems with traffic etc, we are now hoping to set up the same programme in different locations, ie Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and also suburbs within Dubai to ensure less time wasting and maximum benefit to all. Using this same idea we intend to  implement a 'buddy system' on a 1 x 1 basis with teens in the same area. 

For more info contact teenschemeindubai@gmail.com