Awareness Campaigns


There is an ongoing Awareness campaign at schools which have so far been carried out in primary schools for children 6 years and over.

We have had very positive feedback and have been approached by many schools to give our awareness presentation.

The hospital visits are planned to commence as soon as possible. This will entail going through the various procedures that the hospitals have in place, so that when the news is broken to parents that they have a baby with Down syndrome, it is in the most gentle and supportive manner using current terminology. This enables staff to remain professional and caring while allowing the family the chance to bond naturally with their child. We are in the process of gathering information from our members about their experiences when they had their baby with Down syndrome to enable us to start on positive practice for the hospitals and offer new parents knowledge that will be informative and helpful.

We would very much like to work with professionals who would be able to assist us with this project. Please contact us at