Age Groups

0 - 5 years - Christine Dessa

Christine oversees this group. Christine has 2 daughters, Alina who is now 9 years, has Down Syndrome.

The support for this age group is particularly vital ensuring new parents get the information and support they need in the early weeks. Thereafter we offer them a helpline to many resources, and the chance to meet other families in the same situation.

  • A sign language course based on BSL (British Sign language) is run 4 times a year.
  • Early Intervention available at Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre.

6 - 11 years - Rebecca Corley

Rebecca, one of the group's founder members, oversees this group as well as spearheading the awareness talks in schools. She also offers parents advice regarding schooling for their children in this age group. Rebecca has 3 children; Georgina who is 17 has Down Syndrome.

Another idea we are hoping to put into practice is approaching Clubs, Hotels, Sports coaches and chefs etc to ask if they can offer our children the opportunity of learning new skills. Any feedback will be gratefully received.  

12 - Adult - Sally Pearson

Sally is involved with the teens and adults. Sally initiated the groups "Teen Scheme" in Sept 05, with the idea of socialising our teens with mainstream teens from various schools in Dubai.

We are hoping to do a similar programme with our young adults and the University students and would welcome any suggestions and help towards this goal.

Sally has 2 boys, Robin who is 21 has Down Syndrome.

We endeavour to promote independence and equal opportunities for our youngsters with disabilities in preparation for a better quality of life within adulthood. Creating a link between mainstream teens and special teens, our Teen Scheme can play a significant role in altering the minds and opinions of our future adults, paving the way for a more tolerant, accepting society in the future.

One of our most important goals is that a vocational programme be put in place for the older members of this group, establishing a connection with local firms with a view to possible employment within the workplace. We plan to devise a suitable strategy that will be both advantageous and productive for all parties.