About Us

All 4 Down Syndrome is a voluntary support group.

The majority of our members are parents of children/adults with Down's syndrome. Other members comprise of professionals from the Medical and Educational sectors, and volunteers. Our aim is to support families, create awareness among the general public and in schools, bring expertise from abroad with the aim of training professionals and parents to an international standard for special needs, thereby creating the same opportunities for our children in the UAE.

History of the Project

It all started in February 2004 when four families met at the instigation of Dr Ian Jefferson, at the American Hospital. He offered a room for families to meet and give each other support.

New families were then directed to this little support group, which has since grown enormously to include over 100 members from 25 different nationalities. The age-groups of the children range from birth to 35 years!

In the past, we have welcomed professionals from overseas to conduct lectures and conferences which have proven very informative, involving both the educational and medical sectors. Social events, walks, fun-days and the arts are high on our agenda creating opportunities and fulfilling some of the hopes and dreams of our members. We fully intend to continue with these projects.

Our Team

Our work requires widespread coverage over many areas to ensure that the specific needs of each individual member and their families are met.

Consequently, this amount of involvement entails a tremendous input from administration, organization, to hands-on help. At the moment we rely heavily upon the goodwill of volunteers within the group to carry out the many tasks. There are three key persons who make decisions and each one is delegated to a specific section. We welcome support from the community to help us achieve our goals.